The techniques and application equipment that we use for termites is in the subsoil where the large termite mounds are located. The treatment is based on the immunization of the property, which is achieved by making consecutive holes in the bases of the exterior and / or interior master walls. They are injected with special insecticides in order to form anti-thermal barriers of powerful and long residual effect for a minimum of ten years. The bases of all wooden frames of doors, windows, cabinets, etc. are also drilled. And they inject themselves.

When in addition, there are wooden beams, these are treated similarly to the woodworm, ie, longitudinal drills paying special attention to the heads that load on the master walls drilling and injecting, since the termites go up inside the same , penetrating the Beams and eventually seriously damage them.


Injection treatments: The beams are treated by injecting biocidal pressure , making holes in the wood, and impregnating it by means of the pressurized entry of the liquid through injectors . Finally we proceed to a coating of the outer surface with the same product injected. When it comes to furniture the procedure is the same but without drilling holes.

Gel application: Last generation self-penetrating gel that impregnates the interior of the wood by diffusion. It does not smell or stain.


The techniques and equipment  and the special insecticides that we use for treatments  allows us to extend contracts that cover a one-year guarantee. We use, according to the case, different techniques: fumigation, brush-painting, irrigation, thermos nebulization, injection, etc


The treatments are based on the ingestion of products, solid or liquid, that contain anticoagulants, deodorants, desiccants, etc. Therefore, we carry out one year warranty contracts without maintenance limits.



Piston pump for injection treatment in wood, floors and walls. Also indicated for spray treatments. They allow to use all kinds of products: solvents, aqueous solutions, oil tankers and amonacial solutions.

Its frame, an MABI innovation, brings exceptional advantages:

  • The geometry and ergonomics with trolley to allow easy transport on the construction site.
  • The integrated roller allows easy installation and handling of the 25m high pressure pipe.

The high quality of all the components of the pump guarantees an intensive professional use and a long life expectancy: brass stock and 3 ceramic pistons, Teflon fittings, Viton gaskets, cushions, double filtration, high performance motorization.


The nebula is the most appropriate device for use inside restaurants, bars, hotels, campsites, food stores, company canteens, communities, schools, banks, offices, cinemas, transportation, even mills, rural buildings and establishments in general. Versatility of use, which allows fumigation not only of insecticides, but also of disinfectants and deodorants.

  • Fumigation jet higher than the average of fumigators of the same class.
  • Possibility of carrying out the most varied types of treatment, from mural disinfection to that of the environment.
  • Handling and ease of use of the device.


Stainless steel high pressure sprayer. Especially indicated for disinsection and disinfection treatments with both water-based and solvent-based products. Equipped with the most resistant materials such as the stainless steel filler neck, the brass pump, the solvent resistant hose and the viton gaskets guarantee a long life of the sprayer.

Separate filler neck, which simplifies product handling. Content display integrated in the mangon, 50 cm rotating brass lance, precision fan nozzle. A conveyor belt by man completes this model.


Porta high quality bait for rats, made of black and green polypropylene, is very robust and resistant. With double single key lock. Rugged interior neck that provides security to the rodent, promoting greater ingestion of bait. For a better image, cleaning and protection of baits and a lower maintenance economy. The use of bait carriers is recommended to avoid possible accidents in children and / or pets.