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Pest Control | Plaguicosta | Fuengirola

We are Plaguicosta

Company dedicated to the prevention and extermination of insects and animals harmful to health,by our expirenced and qualified technicians. Our commercial name is Plaguicosta SL and we are situated in Plaza Baleares nº 6 (Fuengirola), our fiscal address is c / Santa Maria number 23, our company was founded in 2007 – our ROESBA number is 0117-AND- 750.

We have the best products: Latest generation non-aggressive insecticides for people, animals or the environment, with a long residual effect. Modern machinery and equipment.



Contact us through our website 

TELEPHONE| 951 259 796

Contact our office in our work times mon – fri 9:00- 18:00.

EMERGENCY | 660 289 154

If you have an emergency you can contact us on our 24 h number.


You can fin us at plaza baleares nº6 bajo,Fuengirola 29640